Friday, September 18, 2015

Joyce in High School

A collection of photos of Joyce Leonhardt while she attended East High School in Denver. At the time she lived with the Butlers as an au pair/housekeeper.

In this photo she is a senior. The high school looks very much the same in 2015.

Here is probably her senior photo. Dated 1945

And a photo taken with her brother-in-law in front of the school:

One of her dates:

and another date, with Bill Bruce, whom she would later marry, in City Park in Denver. 

The Butlers lived at 1400 Glencoe, so here are some photos of Joyce and her high school chums from that yard:

and with friend Marion Larson at her home:

Not sure this is high school, but she and Bill visited a friend in Idaho Springs and thus this photo: