Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vera Crouch at Teachers College 1925

This photo was taken when Vera graduated from the Teachers Institute in Fort Scott KS in 1925.

Vera is 3rd from the left in front. I wonder what kind of fur that is?

Janet McElroy Knox (1770- 1834)

Janet McElroy Knox married James Knox in 1789. She is great-grandmother of Vera Crouch.

Born 1770 at Blount Co TN
Died May 19, 1834 in TN or May 10, 1832 Lincoln County, Missouri

James Knox 1760-1844

James Knox, Father of Nancy Ann Knox Crouch

Born May 18, 1760 near Tiger River, SC
Died 1844 in Lincoln Co MO

Married to Janet McElroy in 1789

Nancy Ann Knox Crouch 1798-1858

Nancy Ann Knox Crouch was born in KY in about 1798.

She died in Lincoln Co MO on Nov 3, 1858.

Married Thomas Crouch in either Lincoln Co MO or St Charles Co MO in 1820.

Thomas Crouch 1795-1841

Thomas Crouch is the Father of James N. Crouch

Born in 1795 in KY
Died Sept 17, 1841 in Lincoln County MO

Married Nancy Ann Knox circa 1820 in Lincoln Co or St Charles Co MO

Joyce Leonhardt at School on Crouch Farm

Taken on the northeast corner of the 85 acre Crouch farm near Blue Mound KS. The school is no longer there (Joyce and Steve visited there in 2006). But the background does show the farm which is still there.

If this is ~ 1933 then Joyce would be front left with stripped mittens.

Back of photo says "Loreva's first school. Miss Bernice Stanley Teacher. Near Blue Mound Kansas school adjacent(sic) to Crouch Farm. The school was actually on the farm, along with a cemetary.

Lora Leonhardt Frick and H.C. Frick

Lora and her second husband H.C. Frick.

Lora Leonhardt Frick and H. C. Frick

Lora Agnes (Leonhardt) Frick and H.C. Frick, her second husband. The back of this photo says "This was taken up town on the street" and appears to be in her writing.

Roy in a Suit. Long Arms. Short Pants.

A very young Roy (18?) in a suit and hat. I like the craftsman style bench. His arms are longer than his pants.

...and where can I get me one of them ties?

Leroy Jerome Leonhardt 1902-1982

Roy as a young man, probably around 19-20.

Born : Oct 17, 1902 at Pratt KS
Died : June 29, 1982 in Afton OK

See the burial bulletin below.

Roy and Vera Leonhardt - 1921

This photo from Vera's album was cut out like a paper doll. On the back it says 'Roy & Vera 1921'.

This is how I might want to remember them. Both smiling and obviously in love. Roy would have been 19 and Vera would have been 25.

Roy and Vera were married on March 1, 1922 in Mound City KS.

Lettie Vera Crouch Leonhardt 1896-1940

This small portrait of Vera appears to be taken when she is about 20 years old, but the photo is undated.

Born : August 29, 1896 in Los Angeles CA
Died : April 28, 1940 at Ft Scott KS

Her obituary shows below:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Roy and the Giddings Pipe Truck

Roy stands in front of the Giddings pipe hauling truck on Apr 15, 1930. The complete story of this job, along with stories surrounding his divorce from Vera, are contained in the audio file to be uploaded here.

The back of this photo is presumably in the handwriting of his Mother Lora.

Lora Agnes Boughner Leonhardt (Frick) (1883-1965)

Lora Agnes Leonhardt, wife of Alexander Leonhardt and mother of Roy Leonhardt.

The child is probably Wanetta or Violet.

Born Feb 27, 1883
Died May 23, 1965 and buried at Mapleton Cemetery in Mapleton KS

Here burial service booklet is below.

She remarried to H.C. Frick and her last name became Frick.

Children of Alexander and Lora Leonhardt

Children from oldest to youngest are: Bertha, Roy, Paul, Violet, Wanneta, Dale.

Alexander with his children Wanetta and Violet (the older child).

The back of this photo indicates that it was taken in 1916. Alexander would have been about 38.

Roy and Paul Leonhardt. The back of this photo says that Roy is age 4 1/2 and Paul is age 1.

Wanneta and Violet Leonhardt.

Violet and Dale Leonhardt

Bertha Leonhardt

Alexander and Lora Agnes Leonhardt

Alexander and Lora Agnes Leonhardt in an undated photo. Lora was born in 1883 and Alexander in 1878, so this must have been early 1900s.
They were married on 25 Jan 1899 in Pratt County KS.

Alexander Shysker Leonhardt (1877-1959)

Alexander Leonhardt. Father of Roy Leonhardt. Children included Roy (LeRoy Jerome), Bertha, Paul, Violet, Waneta, and Dale.

Married Lora Agnes Boughner.

b. 16 June 1877 in Germany.

d. 25 Nov 1959 in Wichita KS. Buried in Wichita Park Cemetery in Wichita.

Jesse Crouch's Daughter Katie

Katie Crouch was the youngest daughter of Jesse Crouch, who was the youngest brother of Charles Crouch.

See below for a letter that was attached to this photo, which provides some details about the children in the photo.

Floyd Crouch Making Brooms

An undated photo of Floyd making brooms in a factory. The writing on the edge is Vera Crouch's.

Floyd Crouch as a Boy

Floyd Crouch as a young boy.

The back of this photo says that he is age 4 1/2 here. And also indicates that his nickname was 'Billy'.

Also here, he is referred to as Floyd Clinton Crouch, so he inherited the middle name from his Father, Charles Clinton Crouch.

Floyd Crouch with Ethel Stone (Miller)

Floyd Crouch and Ethel Stone (Miller), his cousin.

Young Floyd Crouch in a Carriage

Floyd Crouch as a young man sitting in a carriage. This is an undated photo.

James Wesley Stone (1845-1908)

James Wesley Stone, Father of Nancy Evaline Stone (Crouch). Husband of Elizabeth Jane Sanders Stone.

b. 24 April 1845 in Springdale, Ark
d. 31 Aug 1908 at Uniontown KS and was buried at Uniontown Cemetary in Uniontown KS.

Elizabeth Sanders Stone (1847-1906)

Elizabeth Jane Sanders Stone, Mother of Nancy Evaline Stone (Crouch). This photo is undated. Wife of James W. Stone.

b. 20 Nov 1847 in Osceola, Missouri.
d. 29 July 1906 at Uniontown KS

James W. and Elizabeth Sanders Stone

James Wesley Stone and his wife, Elizabeth (Sanders) Stone, and their youngest son Martin.

Parents of Nancy Evaline Stone.

Married 13 May 1866 at St Clair MO

See also the back of this card.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Charles Crouch Family Portrait

Presumably near the front porch of the family home, this undated photo shows the full family along with cousins Nellie and Ethel Stone.

L-R Back Row: Vera Crouch, Floyd Crouch, Eva Crouch, Nellie Stone, Ethel Stone
Seated: Charles Crouch

Vera has written 'Mama' and 'Papa' at the bottom of the photo, and, barely visible except on the scanned image, 'Vera' and 'Floyd' above the white border.

James N. Crouch 1828-1886

Undated photo of James N. Crouch, father of Charles Clinton Crouch. Since there is also a photo of Charles as a baby on tintype as well, it's possible that this photo was taken at the same time, which would mean we could date it at around 1865-66.

These tintypes don't scan very well, but are preserved in digital form before they degenerate.

Born Feb 10, 1828 at Lincoln County MO
Died Aug 12, 1886 in Bourbon County KS

Charles Clinton Crouch as a Baby (?)

Charles Crouch as a baby, so likely around 1866? This could also be another Charles Crouch, son of Albert and Cora Crouch. But features of this photo resemble Charles Clinton Crouch. See the photo of Children on the Beach for a photo of Charles Crouch, son of Albert.

Children of Charles/Nancy Evaline Crouch and Albert/Cora Crouch

This undated photo shows the children of Charles and Eva Crouch, and Albert and Cora Crouch. Albert is Charles' brother. The photo is a 'tintype', so is scratched.

A note (see below) from Floyd Crouch (son of Charles/Eva) indicates the order of children on this photo. An alternate photo is below.

Back Row L-R: Vera Crouch, Floyd Crouch, Mary Crouch, Charles Crouch.
Front Row: see Floyd's note below

Back Row L-R: Floyd Crouch, Vera Crouch, Charles Crouch, Mary Crouch
Front Row: See Floyd's note below

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Emma Stone Fitzgerald (Sister of Evaline Stone), with Sylvia her daughter

One of Nancy Evaline Stone (Crouch) sisters. This is Emma Stone Fitzgerald.

This photo is undated.

Emma and Evaline also had a brother, John.

The back of this photo is probably in the hand of Floyd Crouch.

Another photo of Emma, this time presumably in the garden of her farm.

This photo is of Sylvia Fitzgerald, daughter of Emma Stone Fitzgerald. The photo is undated, but it was printed on a postcard, which shows below. Floyd Crouch wrote a note and attached it to this photo as well.

The back of the photo of Sylvia. This postcard was sent to Vera Crouch on Feb 3, 1913. Sylvia lived in Coffeeville and the time, and Vera was living in Blue Mound. At the time, Vera would have been 16 years old.

Floyds note that was attached to the photo of Sylvia.

Albert (brother of Charles Clinton Crouch) and Cora Crouch

Albert and Cora Crouch in an undated photo. Albert was one of the brothers of Charles Clinton Crouch, father of Lettie Vera Crouch (Leonhardt).

Other references show that Albert had a son Charles, another son Paul, and a daughter Mary (nickname Chissy). See the post on the Children at the Beach and corresponding note from Floyd Crouch.

The back of the photo has little information, and is in an unknown hand.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Stones and Crouches with Roy Leonhardt

Undated photo, but likely around 1930, of Roy Leonhardt, his in-laws Evaline and Charles, and Evaline's brother and sister-in-law, Hallie and John Stone.
L to R: Nancy Evaline (Eva) Stone Crouch, LeRoy Leonhardt, William (Billy) Fitzgerald, Hallie Stone, John Stone, Charles Crouch. (Fitzgerald is Eva's nephew, since her sister Emma's last name was Fitzgerald; see [Stone Emma Fitzgerald].)

At the bottom of the photo, written in Vera's hand, is the word MAMMA under Eva, and DADDY under Charles. (click to enlarge)

The back of the photo is in Joyce Leonhardt Nortons hand.

The following note was also attached to this photo.