Sunday, November 23, 2008

Goin to Church at Glendale

Looks like another pose at Roy's home, but this time they have their 'Sunday go ta meetin clothes' on. Some day we'll find out where Glendale KS is.

Vera and Roy in Love

Vera and Roy in love. One of the first pictures of the young couple. This must have been one of those Sunday visits. The caption says that they are Roy's home.

From another vantage point.

Roy sittin' on the corn pile

Roy on the corn pile. Wish I had a tie like that!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Vesta and I

Captioned Vesta and I, this undated photo shows Vera and Vesta with fancy hats. It's always interesting to check out the background scenery in the high resolution larger image.

Miss Crouch

Another pose of long legged, confident Vera standing on the farm, probably near her schoolhouse. This pose is very common in shots of her.

I especially like the countryside background in these shots. You can see a little bit of what Kansas looked like circa 1915.

Vera on a Picnic (wearing glasses)

Another undated photo with Vera and some friends or fellow schoolteachers on a picnic. Joyce was surprised to see that her Mother is wearing glasses in this photo.

Sweet Sixteen

Tall Vera in a photo captioned 'Sweet Sixteen'. She looks older here.

School Ma'am

Vera in a photo captioned 'School ma'am'. Isn't this a confident pose?

Joyce could probably tell you how tall her Mother was. Here she looks like she is very long-legged.

Here we see her with her class at

Row Row Row

Vera looks as happy as ever in this undated photo. Love the hat!

My First Steady and Sweetheart O' Mine

Joyce thinks that this is Vera's first boyfriend. There are more pictures of him, and then he is gone. Perhaps to WWI.

This photo is titled 'Sweetheart O' Mine'

Monday, November 3, 2008

James W. Stone Civil War

Information on James W Stone Civil War records:

Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown

Patriot William Wright fought at this battle, and this is the reason the family has been registered in the DAR.

Floyd Clinton Crouch (1898-1989)

Son of Nancy Evaline and Charles Clinton Crouch

b. 7 Dec 1898 in Orange County CA
m. Gladys A. Roe in June 1929 (Gladys died 6 Feb 1950)
m. Rebecca Hem in 1951
d. 20 May 1989 in Barlesville OK

(Sgt) William Wright 'DAR Patriot'

Served a total of 8 months under several different commands. Was in Battles of Germantown and Petersburg where he was detached to provide provisions for the army. Served in the Stevens Brigade at the seige of York until surrender of Comwallis.

William's Father, Joseph, helped in the war by selling rye and beef to the militia. (source J Faulconer history of the Wright family).

b. Dec 18 1751

d. Nov 21 1836

Susanna Isabel Threlkeld (a 1757-a1830)

b. a1757 at Culpeper CO VA
m. 1773 at Culpeper CO VA to William Wright
d. a1830 at Winchester KY
daughter of Henry Threlkeld and Mary Henson

William Wright (1751-1836)

b. 18 Dec 1751 at Culpeper CO VA
m. 1773 Culpeper CO VA to Susanna Isbel Threlkeld
d. 21 Nov 1836 at Clark CO KY

Served in the Revolutionary War as a Sargent. Fought at the seige of York, until surrender of Cornwallis.

Father of Isbel Elizabeth Wright

Father was Joseph Wright and Mother was Frances Hunter.

Isbel Elizabeth Wright (1791-p1850)

b. 8 Feb 1791 at Pittsylvania County, Virginia
m. 27 July 1812 in Clark CO KY John S. Stone
d. p 1850 at Washington CO Clear Creek Township AR

child of William Wright and Susanna Isbel Threlkeld

D.A.R. 393695

John S. Stone (1789-between 1830 and 1840)

b. 26 Nov 1789 Pittsylvania CO VA (NC)
m. 27 July 1812 at Clark CO KY to Isbel Elizabeth Wright
d. between 1830 and 1840 at Sonora AR

John S. Stone came from Kentucky to Montgomery County, Missouri about 1818

Father of Wesley Thomas Stone

Lucinda Emelia Rogers Stone (1824-1905)

b. 30 Dec 1824 Hale Co GA m. about 1844 second wife of Wesley Thomas Stone
d. 29 Oct 1905 Washington Co AR
Lucinda Emelia Rogers is in center of bottom row

Father was John Calvin Rogers. Mother was Amy G. Adams.

Amy G. Adams Father was William Adams. William Adams Father was a general in revolutionary war.

Headstone of Lucinda Emelia Rogers Stone, wife of Wesley Thomas Stone at Habberton Cemetery near Bentonville AR

Wesley Thomas Stone (1813- 1860)

Father of James Wesley Stone.

b. 8 Nov 1813 at Clark Co., KY
d. 1860 in Washington Co., AR

Married Lucinda Emelia Rogers about 1844.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gloria Vaunn ('Violet') Leonhardt (1915- )

Fourth child of Alexander and Lora Leonhardt.

b. 2 Oct 1915 in Stafford KS
d. in Mesa AZ

Waneta Leonhardt

Fifth child or Alexander and Lora Leonhardt.

Bertha Leonhardt

Eldest child of Alexander and Lora Leonhardt.

d. in Olathe KS

She was typically called 'Barb' by her relatives.

Paul Leonhardt (1906-1979)

Third child of Alexander and Lora Leonhardt.

b. 16 Jun 1906
d. Feb 1979 in Afton OK

Dale Eugene Leonhardt (1919-1945)

Youngest child of Alexander and Lora Leonhardt.

b. 1919
d. 1945 in Watertown, South Dakota

Married Laura Rosa Helmke (1916-2007)
Daughter is Gloria Leonhardt, who helped Joyce compile Leonhardt documents.

Mary May Leonhardt

Third wife of Alexander Leonhardt.

Edith Graham Leonhardt (1881-1937)

Second wife of Alexander Leonhardt.
Married on 12 Mar, 1936. There is a Ante-Nuptial contract in Joyce's files.

b. 7 Apr 1881
d. 24 July 1937

Buried at Short Springs Cemetery near Cherokee OK. Row F, Lot 2.

Christina Margarette Ahlbrandt Leonhart (1850-1937)

Wife of Philip. Christina is Alexander's Mother and Roy Leonhardt's Grandmother.

b. 16 Feb 1850 in South Russia (probably Krimm)
d. 13 Dec 1937 in Cherokee OK

Married to Philip in 1875 in Russia.
Emigrated from Russia with Philip in 1888.

Obituary of Christina.

Philip John Leonhardt (1847-1914)

Husband of Christina. Father of Alexander Leonhardt and Grandfather of Roy Leonhardt.

b. 25 Mar 1847 in South Russia (probably Krimm).
d. 31 Jan 1914 in Gouda Springs KS, but resided at the time in Alfalfa County, OK.

Married to Christina in 1868 in Russia.
Emigrated from Russia with Christina in 1888.

Obituary of Philip.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Farm of Charles and Eva Crouch

A photo of the Crouch farm, where Joyce lived with the Crouches from 1931-1933. This view is looking north towards the shed. The barn with haymow attached is to the left of this photo. The farmhouse is not there any longer.
Taken in Sept 2004.

The barn with haymow.

This is a view looking west from the driveway into the farm. Most of the farming acreage appears to be in this west section. The farm was 85 acres.

Final Home of Lettie Vera Crouch Leonhardt

This as the home of Vera in 1940 when she died. Joyce and Larry were living with her at the time. Joyce pointed out that Vera died in the room at the left.
At the time Joyce and Larry were at church, and at 10:10am Joyce told Larry that they had to go home. She had a feeling that her Mother had just died.

The home is in Fort Scott KS. Photo taken in 2004.

Gravestone of James N. Crouch

Grave of James N Crouch, husband of Martha H Crouch. This photo taken in 2004 at Uniontown Cemetary in Uniontown KS.

Gravestone of Eva and Charles Crouch

The gravestone of Eva and Charles Crouch at Uniontown Cemetary in KS. Taken in Sept 2004 when Joyce and Steve visited the Crouch farm and Uniontown.

Uniontown Cemetary in Uniontown KS.

Martha H. Crouch Gravestone

The gravestone of Martha H. Crouch, grandmother of Vera and Floyd Crouch. Taken during Sept 2004 visit to Uniontown Cemetary in KS. This stone has no birth date for Martha.

Grave of Lettie Vera Crouch Leonhart (Champion)

Vera's gravestone. Taken in Sept 2004 when Steve and Joyce visited Kansas farm of the Crouches, and then, here, Uniontown Cemetary.