Monday, December 8, 2008

Vera in Hutchinson Kansas

Vera's caption is : Me by the Lite Pole

It takes a magnifier.

She appears to be with a young boy. Doesn't appear to be Floyd, who would be older.

Bloom Farm

The caption only says 'Bloom Farm'. But this farm look pretty good, compared to others we've seen in photos. Was this a neighbor? Or was this somewhere that Roy hired on as a hand?

Roy and Clarence

A young Roy with unknown 'Clarence'. There is that wide tie again. And that head of hair that disappeared long before Steve knew him.

Roy and Marshall Stout

No indication as to who Marshall Stout was. Roy in a rare dressed up mood with a hat (not a cowboy hat).

Veras Schoolhouses

Rocky Point School

Irish Valley School

Gwinn School

Vera at Collins Farm

According to the photo caption, Collins Farm was 6 mi south of Ft Scott KS. The second photo shows Vera and Mrs. Collins 'guarding' the storm cellar.

Colonel the dog, with Floyd, Roy and Vera

Several photos of Colonel with Roy and Vera and Floyd Crouch.

Vera poses at the Farm

Context of the photo in Vera's album seems to indicate that this photo would have been taken at the Leonhardt farm in western KS. The clothing suggests that she was still teaching school and still liked hats!

Bessie, Daisy and Vera

Vera poses with 2 horses on the Leonhardt farm. In the context of other photos in the album, this would appear to be circa 1921-1925. We presume that Vera was teaching school while living with Roy and his Mother and siblings on the farm.

I see Joyce in this photo.

Fort Scott Hospital

Joyce Leonhardt was born in this hospital on August 11, 1928.

Leaving for Western KS-Roy, Lora, Dale, Gloria(?)

This picture tells a story. But much is mystery. Here Lora and Roy are preparing to travel. The caption says 'Leaving for Western Kansas'. We assume that the young boy is Dale, and that the girl is either Wanita or Gloria.

Since Dale was born in 1919, this photo must be circa 1925?

Wanita and Bertha

Wanita and Bertha, probably around 1916-17? Bertha was much older than Wanita.

Bertha Leonhardt

Undated photo shows an adult Bertha and a friend.

Violet and Wanita and Bertha- Sisters

Violet and Wanita Leonhardt, sisters of Roy, on the Leonhardt farm. This is likely depression era farming.

Bertha and her Mother Lora. Bertha was the oldest sister, so if this shot was taken at about the same time as the photo above, she was probably 20 years old.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Waneta and Dale Leonhardt at Bloom Farm

Roys brother Dale and sister Waneta at Bloom farm, presumably near Mullinville KS.

Vera at Blue Mound Station

Vera at Blue Mound Train Station.

There's that hat again.

Once again we see how tall she appeared to be.

Roy (with a head of hair) and Vera

Roy with lots of hair. Vera with curly hair. Hard to tell where this photo was taken. Mullinville? The caption says 'Roy & Vera & Dorothy'. We don't know who Dorothy was.

I love U

Looks like Roy and Vera are in love. Probably early on in their dating, circa 1921.

Dale Leonhardt as a Child

The first photo shows Vera and Dale Leonhardt. The second shows Dale standing on a chair. Dale is Roy's baby brother. We assume that this photo was taken in about 1921 then, which gives us a good point of reference for when Roy and Vera met. At this point Vera is about 25, and Roy is about 19.

Leonhardt Farm at Mullinville

Mullinville is located between Wichita and Garden City.

We believe that after Lora divorced Alexander that she moved to western Kansas. This may have been that farm.

The barn looks like it is a new building. The house looks like where a farmhand would live.

Our First Photo of Roy

It's hard to tell for sure, but this photo of Roy is the first we find in Vera's album, so this must be when he first shows up in her life.

The Roy I (Steve) know would soon be comfortable in overhauls, and not in a coat and tie. But here he must have been 20 at the most.

At Lovetts

The caption here is simply 'At Lovetts'. Vera stands by herself and faces the camera, while her friends stand around. There is another group in the car.

The equivalent of a bunch of teenagers out having fun.

Waiting for a Train

On a windy day, Vera waits with a gentleman for the train to begin it's journey. No reference as to the mans name.

Jim Sutton, Private

Who was Jim Sutton? A boyfriend?

What happened to him?

Photo, presumably of Jim Sutton, is titled 'Keeping Warm for Uncle Sam'.


Vera with perhaps 'Jim Sutton', waiting for a train or bus?

This photo is a mystery, and the clues are probably within other photos and the timeline of the photos. In the book it falls between a photo titled 'Keeping Warm for Uncle Sam', and 'Jim Sutton Private'.

Salem School House

Salem School House. We guess that this was Vera's first assignment as a teacher.

Vera in the Wagon

Vera sits at the rear of a wagon.

Vera in Eyeglasses and a Hat

Vera wearing eyeglasses and a dark hat.

Can't quite make out the text on the structure behind her.

'In Arrears'

Captioned 'In Arrears', referring to the position behind the old automobile, this shows Vera and a friend enjoying themselves in the 'country'.
One of the warmest smiles from Vera.

Although this picture was taken at a different time (different dress), the hat looks like its the same hat.
The gentleman in the photo is unknown.

Another instance of Vera with eyeglasses.

Pittsburgh KS 'Normal' College

Pittsburgh College in Pittsburgh KS (now known as Pittsburgh State College).
In the caption Vera refers to the college as 'Normal', which likely meant it was an institution for educating teachers.
We think that this is where she earned her teaching credentials.

Another photo taken at Pittsburgh College. Caption is 'College Friends'. I don't think the taller woman is Vera.

The Steps of Cottey College

Vera on the steps of Cottey College. Cottey College is located in Nevada Missouri.
Joyce and Steve visited the college in 2006 in an attempt to discern whether Vera could have attended this school. It seemed unlikely. The school was obviously for wealthy women, and Vera would not have been able to afford it. There was also no record, according to Joyce, of Vera's attendance. So it is likely that she was just visiting.

Emma Stone Fitzgerald and Tom Fitzgerald

Emma Stone Fitzgerald with her husband Tom. Emma was Nancy Evaline Stone Crouch's Sister.

Madison Stone, brother of John Stone

Madison (also nicknamed 'Green') Stone was an uncle of Nancy Evaline Stone and Vera's Great Uncle. Here he is shown with Nancy Evaline's sister Emma.

Emma later married and was known as Emma Stone Fitzgerald.

Madison would have been a brother of James Stone.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Brother Floyd

Floyd Crouch on the farm, in his suit, with pants that we call 'waiders' these days.

Floyd and Fred

Fred the horse (see also Nancy Evaline photo of Fred) and Floyd Crouch outside of the barn on the family farm.