Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Joyce (Benner) Leonhardt in Rhode Island and Quebec, 1948

Photos of Joyce when she visited Quebec while living in Rhode Island after brief marriage to George Benner (Steve's biological Father). Age 20.

Here are two photos of Joyce at the beach in Newport RI:

And the visit to Quebec:

730 Franklin

This was the residence of Joyce and Steve from 1949-51. They lived with the Weathers' family. At that time Joyce was employed by the Oberfelder company which promoted concerts in Denver from the 30's into the 50's.

Story is that on the landing, just beyond where the girl in this photo is standing, Steve went over backwards and hit his head. Joyce recalls it to this day. "I thought I killed you".

Photo taken June 2015 during Sandi, Steve and Joyce visit to Denver.

We didn't get to the back yard, which is too bad, because Mom and I could have recreated the following photos with a trip to the 'dime store' for swim suits and a plastic pool:

or if we had come in winter......

but since it was summer, we can just imagine what it was like for Mom as a single mother, having fun in the backyard at 730 Franklin:

1400 Glencoe

This is the residence of Joyce Leonhardt when she attended East High School. By now her Father Roy and his wife Jo had moved to the family farm in Broomfield CO. She was an au pair and housekeeper for the Butler family, who owned this home.

Photo taken in June 2015 when Sandi, Steve and Joyce visited Denver.

There is a photo of her on the front lawn of the home.
And then there are these shots of her and some friends sitting on the front lawn:

Joyce liked wearing the jumpsuit to football games at East High School.

1412 Fillmore

This was the residence of the Leonhardt family, Roy, Jo, Joyce and Larry while Joyce went to Jr High School (Gove Jr High). Circa 1942-44. Gove was between 13th and 14th on Albion, and was demolished in 2012 to make room for expansion of National Jewish Health Center.
They offered room and board for others, so Jo would have cooked. Roy worked at Gates Rubber Co.
Larry and Joyce slept in the basement.
The family moved from here to the farm in Broomfield when Roy started working the farm. The family that owned the Fillmore house also owned the ranch.

In 2015 we returned to this residence and took the photo above. In Joyce's photo collection we have a photo of her standing in the front yard. Here is that photo 'then and now':

...and the original photo: